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This mother-daughter team founded KYND Studio out of a deep love for movement and a strong desire to share the feeling of joy, accomplishment, self-worth, and self-love that comes from being active and taking care of the body & mind through a healthy lifestyle.

Although the name came about by fluke as we were playing around with letters from our names, the word KYND really spoke to us in how it aligned with our core values, our vision of what we want for our clients, and the kind of environment we want to create at KYND Studio. It can never hurt to put a little more 'kyndness' out in the world.

Both of us have spent our lives passionately participating in, and instructing, various styles of movement. From competitive dance and gymnastics to Zumba, Barre and yoga, movement has been part of our lives since the beginning.


We envision a fun and exciting whole body & mind experience that will continue to evolve and expand, as we add to our repertoire of classes & sessions, as we learn, connect, build relationships, and grow our studio. We hope you will join us on this journey and discover just what you are capable of given the right environment, support, encouragement and inspiration.




Your Story?

Everyone has a story, actually "many" stories, that have led them to be where they are right now, doing the things they do, and which explain the reason behind their "why".

This video gives you some insight into an important part of my story that has driven me to do what I do, has helped fuel the creation of the KYND Community, and lets you in on a little piece of my "why".

~ Nathalie

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