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I'll start by saying this (because it is one of the biggest concerns from people who have never tried Barre before) ... NO prior experience or dance is required. Barre is perfect for every fitness level!

All the exercises are modifiable and can be tailored to your ability. That's the great thing about Barre; it meets you where you are at and lets YOU decide how much you can do and how far you want to push in each exercise. It's about progress and each person is on a different journey. In my Barre classes, we support and encourage each other in an inclusive and judgment free environment. 


Now for the more technical part ... The KYND Barre class will take you through a full hour of sculpting, toning, lengthening, and stretching, combining strength & flexibility exercises which were created as a result of melding movement technique from ballet, yoga, pilates and more, all set to fun, motivating music. Low impact, focusing on small isometric movements that work your entire body from the inside out, getting to the core of the muscle, and more dynamic movements to increase range of motion. We do lots of stretching in between exercises to help flush out those tight muscles and increase flexibility. 


  • Be ready to bend and move! Casual athletic, yoga, or dance wear is studio appropriate.

  • To prevent injuries and slipping, grip socks are mandatory in the studio. Feel free to bring your own, or purchase a pair from me in class (small selection).


  • Yourself, some water, a towel (optional) and a smile. Everything else is provided for in-studio classes – mats, equipment, etc.

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