The KYND Barre class will take you through a full hour of sculpting, toning, lengthening, and stretching, combining strength & flexibility exercises which were created as a result of melding movement technique from ballet, yoga, pilates and more, all set to fun, motivating music. Low impact, focusing on small isometric movements that work it from the inside out, getting to the core of the muscle and dynamic movements to increase range of motion.


No prior experience or dance required. Perfect for every fitness level!


  • Be ready to bend and move! Casual athletic, yoga, or dance wear is studio appropriate.

  • To prevent injuries and slipping, grip socks are mandatory in the studio. Feel free to bring your own, or purchase a pair in our studio.

  • Grip socks are recommended for online classes as well, especially if you are working out on flooring, so as to eliminate the potential of slipping/injury.


  • Yourself, some water, and a smile. Everything else is provided for in-studio classes – mats, equipment, towels.

  • We encourage everyone to go a little “eco” while at our studio by using refillable water bottles. Our water station will fill you up – and you’ll be contributing to the love of our environment by eliminating plastic waste.

  • For online Barre classes, you will need something to provide support in place of a barre (i.e., chair, back of couch, kitchen counter, etc.).

  • Optional equipment for online classes: a mat, some sort of handheld weights (i.e. soup cans, etc.), small workout ball or rolled up towel, resistance bands or other stretchy looped material (leggings tied together works).