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Welcome to
KYND Fitness with Nat


Body and Mind wellness is my passion.

Inspiration and Motivation is my goal.

NAT … that's me! It's short for Nathalie (Delaney) and I am back! For those of you who don't know me, I used to own and operate KYND Studio where we had various fitness and body & mind sessions taking place almost every day of the week. I ended up having to take a little hiatus from teaching classes during the last couple months of 2022 as circumstances outside my control made it all too clear that running a studio in these post-covid times was just not sustainably feasible which left folding the business as the only option.


As I work to get myself back on my feet and figure out what to do with myself at this stage in life, one thing I do know is that teaching and sharing my passion for Barre & Zumba is still an integral part of what I love. But more importantly, I realized how doing those things makes such a difference not only on my physical state but also on my mental and emotional wellbeing. So I found a space that I can rent by the hour where I can continue my side gig of doing what I love -> teaching and bringing together a community of awesome people to join me in moving our bodies while supporting, encouraging and holding space for everyone to be able to move at their own level and to be met where they are at without judgment. All this while being surrounded by friendly faces (because we all become friends in the KYND Community). If you feel so inclined, come check out a class (first class is FREE!) and be prepared to Smile (and maybe feel a few muscles you didn't know you had, lol).

Have a listen to the video below. It was made a while ago so some of what I say is outdated but the "Why" still pertains to the here and now ...



What's New Anchor


Barre & Zumba Classes ...

You can find the class days/times on the SCHEDULE page now. When you're ready to book, make sure to go to PLANS & PRICING to purchase your class passes before you register for classes. Once your passes have been added to your account, book away! Your passes will be automatically applied during the booking process. See you at the studio!

First Class is FREE!

If you have not tried one of my classes yet and want to check it out but are not ready to commit to buying passes yet, don't worry - you can try out a class for free! Go to the PLANS & PRICING page, "purchase" the FIRST CLASS FREE pass so that it gets added to your account, then go to the SCHEDULE and book the class you want to try. Easy peasy!

Booking & Cancellation Policies

Please take a minute to read the information posted on the KYND Policies page (under the ABOUT menu). There's important info you need to know to make the most of your booking experience.

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